Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cowboys and Indians

I recently acquired what I call, a cowgirl beagle named Sally, from a woman who rescues pups from certain death in Southern pounds. After my beloved Hannah died I mistakenly thought my puff ball Katy would appreciate a canine pal to hang with, so I fostered her, as I was broke from Hannah's expensive surgery.

Katy hates Miss Sally, cowgal extraordinaire, with a passion, as much as Miss Sally despises her. The fights have trickled down since Sally recovered from her mistaken belief that I was her fur child, but last night as I watched a biopic on Patti Smith and decided to chow down on some goldfish (the cracker not actual chordata), Sally howled "!Viva la revolucion!" and attacked. Katy, my little poodle/brittany scrapper, did not surrender. As I gulped my goldfish, scattered the box all over the floor and bed, screamed for my mother to get her a** in the room, attempted to crawl quickly on my post-surgical knee, fell over, got back up, fell down again, I reached the battle and managed to pull the bloody pair apart, while peeing my pants. Yes, that is correct. The combined excitement of having cable TV after approximately 6 years of not owning a TV, watching Patti Smith, and the blood and gnashing teeth, caused me to piddle all over myself.

In other news, it is New Years Eve day! I finished the celtic cable neckwarmer for my mom and have started one for myself with the softest most comforting yarn evah!

I have also decided to go on a Carribean cruise. It's nice to have completely unattainable desires.

Here is a lovely photo of my Grandmother, Molly Blumenthal, her mother-in-law (my ggrandmother Adelaide Stegemann, and Dorothy, her daughter (my great-Aunt), in the Park in Rochester, NY.


  1. I find it appropriate that the only person to comment is PIDDLE(loop)on a blog about piddling.

  2. Blumenthal, a nice Irish great grandmother, eh? ; ). Sorry to have been out of touch for so long. Kids are a time suck. Dogs are freaking territorial. My big smelly Charlie met a little male dog last night that tried to teach him to piss upright on our air conditioner, our grill, and our garbage can. Charlie forgot all these lessons by morning and pissed like a girl in the middle of the yard. Glad we have only one dog. Wish I could say the same for the kids!

  3. Thanks Tanya! Great to hear/see you again. I knew another male dog that peed like a girl- I had to ask the vet if it was some kind of defect that needed correcting. Nope! Lots of male dogs do it that way.

    You learn something new everyday!