Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ballad of El Goodo

"There ain't no one going to turn me 'round."

Words to live by Alex. Unfortunately my hormonally challenged gender confused beagle foster turned me 'round right into a brick wall and nearly fractured my wrist. I look like a prize fighter with a massively swollen hand and wrist and arm that is a lovely shade of purple today. People at work think I am mentally ill and I am sure some suspect abuse. But I can hardly admit that my foster beagle who is in false pregnancy and thinks I am her puppy is abusing me. I think all the excitement of x-rays, ice, wraps and meds made me violently ill on Friday night- or I have an ulcer. Even my beloved friend Ms. Phenergan could not rectify the situation.

In knitting news I am going to attempt the Tapestry Cowl

I am using a dark grey and a deep red which I hope will show the contrast of the colors quite nicely. I guess double knitting is not like riding a bike because I have made several double knitted items and totally forgot how to do it. Thank god for online video tutorials

I also dyed my hair back to a more "natural" dark color. Why does your hair get darker as you age? I started out lightbrown/blonde and have slowly approached a very dark brown. My co-workers saw photos of me back as an undergrad when I actually cared what I looked like and all suggested I darken my hair so I actually took their advice. I guess we shall see what the consensus is.

Surgery is rapidly approaching! Pre-ops on Monday and surgery the following Tuesday. I ordered new running shoes to celebrate (shhhh don't tell my surgeon) and I am joining the fabulous new expensive gym at the University where I work. YEAH!!!!

I feel this blog in incomplete without a photo so here is a photo of my grandfather when he was an undergrad at the University of Michigan. I'll bet that you can guess the year.

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