Sunday, November 29, 2009

Post-surgical Thanksgiving blues

It's hard to come up with apt, witty titles for my blog so I am just typing whatever pops into my head first. Surgery was a disaster- but I will save my lovely readers the drama and pity. I did not get my knee replacement- just got scoped which has turned an already inflamed knee into a super duper inflamed knee. My computer is also going wacko so if you see odd letters randomly placed- it was not from my typing.

I have been steadily working on my tapestry cowl. Here are the most recent results:Photobucket

I forgot how long double-sided knitting takes. I just bought the softest most beautiful yarn called Eco Alpaca- from Cascade Yarns (1528). I could only afford one skein. It should be enough for my new favorite projects (the cowl obsessions). I am thinking of doing the celtic cowl which was created by a local Baltimorian (notice I did not say Baltimoron b/c she is a cool knitter).

Otherwise, work has been so-so. Usual miserable folks trying to make others be miserable folks. I refuse to be sucked into the negative vortex. So I will continue to stay positive and live my life.

Today is a beautiful sunny clear day. I have the windows open and may try and take the dogs out for a quick walk. My knee hurts too much to do anything other than down the block and back. Tonight my mom and I plan to walk down the street to 34th St and take some photos of the Christmas set up. Every year 34th Street goes all out and decorates every house to the hilt in lights and decorations and artistic expressions of Christmas. People come every night in droves (some from out of town!) to see the "Miracle" on 34th St. Luckily I live on the corner of 34th so I can walk and take the dogs. Of course this also means getting a parking spot immediately after leaving work. No running errands, etc or I will be parking miles away (a bit of an exaggeration but a kernel of truth).

Nothing very exciting or fascinating to report. Oh, except my car was booted and I had to pay $400 b/c of the wonderful Baltimore Parking Authority's error (5th expensive error for me) and then they put a flag on my vehicle from the DMV (another error) and I have a court date for the tickets but they will not reimburse me for their error because..... because... THEY CAN AND THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT BECAUSE BALTIMORE IS A CORRUPT, APATHETIC CIRCLE IN THE FROZEN CENTER OF HELL.

Oops! Did that slip out? My battery also died on Howard St so I had to push my car into the Auto Parts store where I met "Pastor" Mike and Kenny, homeless mechanics extraordinaire. It took them 2 hours in the freezing pouring rain to change my battery but I was treated to some tall tales which made up for the wait. Pastor Mike killed his first wife by driving into a brick wall at a high rate of speed with his 5 year-old in the back seat (unharmed). Needless to say they gave his child to his mother and he lives in his car with his new wife. Kenny lives with his wife/gf who just kicked him out. His comments were more about lubing the nuts and bolts and sticking them back in the hole. Pastor Mike was very appreciative of my tip and offered to do some more work, but it was close to 8:30pm and I still had not gone home so I declined. My car is back in working order and hopefully will not catapult my battery into an unsuspecting pedestrian or car as I am not quite convinced that Pastor Mike or Kenny knew what they were doing.

I will leave you with another photo of me as a rockstar:


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