Monday, November 30, 2009

Swimming with the fishes

Lately my life is attracting elements of water-frozen and solid, aquatics, and fishes (fishies?). My surgery required frequent icings, I have been craving ice cold water lately, my doctor wants me to swim at least 4 times a week (and lose 50 lbs) and I just received the most beautiful goldfish bag evah! Swimmy is my all time fav bag character.
Photobucket Photobucket

Thank you piddleloop sewing team (and Lucy and Samuel). Jen and her sister run the shop and are the most generous, fabulous power duo in the universe. When Hannah was sick they held a fundraiser and when she died they raised over $1K so that I could pick up her ashes. They oftentimes sew and sell like mad women, donating all of their winnings to help someone out.

I got an extra little gift included which was one of the bags that remained from the Hannah sale. So my little Hannah and Swimmy bag are my new two favorite things in the world.

I am going to be doggie/house sitting this weekend so things should be low key and relaxing- plus there will be cable TV!

Trying to stay positive so I will not mention my post-op ortho visit, except to say that I had one.

Back to knitting my tapestry cowl so I can start on other projects.


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